Sunday, January 29, 2012


Okay so we all have them. Calluses on our fingers from checking our blood sugars. Or scar tissue where we do our site or take our shots. It stinks ecspecially in the summer when you have little bumps on your stomach or arms and you think people are looking at it. They're not! I promise they probably don't even notice it and if they do who cares what they think. Please comment and tell me why you hate calluses and scar tissue.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sites and Shots

I absolutely hate changing my site every two days and tonight happens to be the night I have to change it. I haven't used shots in a long time but I'm sure you guys hate doing it four times a day. I found some tricks that work like freezing a spoon and holding it on the spot your going to do it or after you change it rub a piece of ice around the sticky part.Comment and tell me why you hate putting needles in yourself and tell me some tricks you might have.

Friday, January 27, 2012


Now, Yeah we all hat pricking our finger with a needle four times a day, or injecting ourselves every two days with a sit. You have to admit there are perks.My favorite is cutting in the lunch line at school or cutting in line at amusement parks. Comment and tell me your favorite perk of having diabetes.

About Me, The blog

Hey I'm Liv I am 13 and well I have diabetes. Sometimes it absolutely sucks but it has it's perks. Now I could tell you about my life and yada yada yada but I'm done talking about myself! Once a month wee will schedule a pity party for ourselves and you can call me and tell me what you hate about diabetes! This is gonna be fun. I will post every Friday if time permits. Let's have some fun!