Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Field Hockey Gone Wrong

As most of you know I play field hockey, but most of you don't know is I play goalie. Yesterday the JV team and I went a play day in Carlisle. I was having an awesome game, during the first half, with some awesome half high saves and one lunge, some goalie terms for really awesome saves. We went out into the second half with the score one, one and I was feeling good about what was to come. One of the girls from the other team had gotten a breakaway and a girl from our team was following. The both plowed me over after I called the ball but no one could hear. My helmet and hand protectors both came off and as I sat up everybody was telling me my lip was bleeding, but I was ignoring them because the ref had just called the goal in and I was not too happy. Nothing really hurt until I got up and my tailbone was definatley broken. Our back up goalie got dressed and they went on with the game. We lost the game 2-1 because the ref counted the goal that couldn't have been defended. 20 minutes later they started to play our second game without me. When the game was almost over I left and felt fine but as soon as I took off my shoulder pads that I had left on from the last game I felt like crap. My head hurt, I felt like I was going to pukee, my hands felt numb, and my words didn't make any sense. My mom drove me to the Emergencey Room and they put a neck brace on me put me in a wheelchair and took me to my room. I felt hopeless. When I was in my bed they checked my blood sugar and it was 500. It couldn't be I didn't eat anything all day, I put in my lunch! Then we checked my site it was put. They checked my eyes and my head and I layer there for a while before being taken to my first catscan. I then got put on an IV drip when I got back to my room and I fell asleep. I don't remember them saying anything about my "diagnosis" but when I woke up my mom said I couldn't play hockey for two weeks (the rest of the season) The nurses waited for my blood sugar to go down before they let me go home and the whole time I just wanted a drink of water! They have no idea what it's like to have ketones and have just thrown up and not get one sip of water! It was awful!

We did some research today and traumatic hits to the head can raise your blood sugar, it wasn't my fault, as it has been before, that my blood was high!
Well I guess I just thought I would let you in on my trip to the ER
P.s. I finally got that drink of water when I got home at midnight! Hahahah