Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Juggling my life as a teenager with having diabetes

So everyone's been saying oh you should post about juggling teen age life with diabetes, but I really don't have to juggle its more like a unicycle ride with a few bumps in the way. I do everything all the other average teenager does but if we eat a snack I pull out pumpernickel and put in my insulin. (pumpernickel is my pump by the way) I don't have many struggles. I am growing slowly(if you know what I mean) but when I start to change and go thought the teen age stuff I'm sure there will be many struggles. A teacher the other day asked me if I could eat ice cream with the rest of the class I explained to him I can do anything you can do only better he laughed. I love high school, and pumpernickel and diabetes does not usually get in the way of my life.