Sunday, January 29, 2012


Okay so we all have them. Calluses on our fingers from checking our blood sugars. Or scar tissue where we do our site or take our shots. It stinks ecspecially in the summer when you have little bumps on your stomach or arms and you think people are looking at it. They're not! I promise they probably don't even notice it and if they do who cares what they think. Please comment and tell me why you hate calluses and scar tissue.


  1. Liv, I love that you are doing this!

  2. your right, people don't always notice calluses, but I notice them! For me I think its cause people always tell me I have beautiful hands (IDK why, I guess my fingers are really long or something, I don't really care, is just something people say)... or they did.. but not anymore cause those ugly black dots are always there=(