Monday, June 4, 2012

Excersize Day 1

Walking uphill
Chasing the Ice Cream truck hahaha
Jumping on the Trampoline
Just Dance
motivation is up but wait for two weeks then well see. Please tell me that your here. Im thinking of starting another blog just about me and life not about diabetes.

Diet Day 1

I found a plan of really yummy food that I am going to try!

Breakfast- The Eye Opener- a wrap of low-fat mozzarella cheese, green and red pepper slices, horseradish mustard, and deli roast beef. 1/2 cup of orange juice.
Morning Snack- Peanut Butter and Honey Crackers
Lunch- Half of a salami/ham/lebanon bologna pretzel sandwich, glass of water
Afternoon Snack- Cup of mint chocolate chip ice cream (didnt eat it yet, its good to plan ahead)
Dinner- Whatever my parents make, I will post it later with excersize

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Memes 2

I had an idea for a type 1 meme and I wanted to know what you guys thought of it

Effie Trinket: Happy Bolusing And May The Blood Sugars Be Ever In Your Favor!

Another one is

Peeta throws bread at Katniss

Katniss: How Many Carbs?

Good Idea?

Jittery in June

I will be posting a lot in the next few days because June is going to be very busy for me. The whole month is packed full of things to do, which probably wont include blogging. Please give me more ideas on what to write about. I am in kind of a writers block I have ideas but I am not sure if they are good? Please give me ideas and please dont say anything about struggles, I know you like to know how I see struggles with diabetes but I am tired of writing about my struggles.

Summer Sweets and Diabetic Dreams

Hear the Christmas toons coming down the road while your working on your fabulous tan? See the flahing lights on the cart of the cotton candy stand at the Carnival? How about the guy yelling "popcorn only a dollar, get your popcorn" at the baseball game you caught this summer? Face it we all dream about things we cant have such as boys, expensive vacations, or even food. But truth is we can have the food as long as we put it in our little dohickers on our waistband. Wow that sounded Perry County of me!(Perry County is where I live, its like hick central) Anyways, a lot of people look at me weird when I eat cotton candy or a cookie or ice cream because they think that Im not allowed to have it. FALSE! As long as I put it in my pump I will be good, yes I am sure! Over the summer there are a lot of temptations around. Popcorn at the pool, Cotton Candy at the carnival, Ice Cream from the ice cream truck, and snacking all day because we are out of school and dont know what to do with ourselves. You can eat these things but be careful that you put it in and maybe choose one for a day, instead of eating them all then feeling like crap. Be smart this summer and dont give in to all your temptations, just some of them and please in the name of Diabetes bolus for what you eat!!

Diabetes Diets

I have been looking to losing and controling my weight. I am not over weight,  but I am out of shape, and I were the same size jeans as my mom. I want a summer work out plan and eating plan that is safe for diabetics, which trust me is very hard to find. All the diets I find are either for type 2's or too hard for me to follow as a fourteen year old. I like the food my parents make and I usually have to eat it. I dont want to be rude and say Im not going to eat it but sometimes I wish we had different choices, other than a pb&j. As for the excersize plans, I have some ideas of what I need to do in example; running for a half an hour, 60 minutes a day of excersize etc. What I really need is motivation. Please if you have any ideas on diets for type 1's share them with me because I really want to get in shape. Also please help motivate me, because trust me I need it.
Day 1
weight: 140
excersize: none :(
unhealthy food: ice cream, baked beans, cookie, roast beef sandwich from arbys, curly friess from arbys, french toast sticks w/ light syrup as you can see I really need that diet............................