Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Teachers don't know anything

So this is for the newly diagnosed parents and kids. I was always told that I have an exception, that I don't need to listen to my teacher if I have a diabetes "situation". One day a long time ago in first grade I got up to eat my afternoon snack, this was when I took shots, a kid actually told the teacher on me, my best friend I might add, I bet she doesn't remember this, but I do because my parents told me I never have to listen to the teacher when it's a d sitch. Last year in my home-ec class we were learning about jutrition, a kid asked what diabetes was. The teacher looked at me and said "Olivia, why don't you tell them." I did, the teacher immediately told me I was wrong and it's because when I was little I ate too much junk. I went to the bathroom and cried because the way she said it was "shame on you, it's your fault, I can't believe you" I have never told anyone this, I guess I just thought she was right, it was my fault I had diabetes, I thought if she's ashamed that I gave myself this, I should be too. I then came to realize its not my fault, I didn't do this to myself, I mean I was five when it happened! My pancreas just shut-off, I couldn't control it, I didn't turn it off. Please no-one listen to your teachers about diabetes,most of the time they have no idea what they are talking about. AND PLEASE REMEMBER ITS NOT YOUR FAULT! Stay strong, be you, and love everything about it. BE-YOU-TIFUL!

Friday, March 23, 2012

I got da Beetus

Come home eat a snack Unpack my backpack Oh snap Forgot to check my blood Oh I'm such a dud I'm in thick mud Mom will be mad Don't even wanna talk about dad This is so bad I got da Beetus Oh, ya best believe it I got da Beetus Oh, ya best believe it I still play There's no delay Da Beetus you say? It ain't contagious I'm real courageous This is outrageous I got da Beetus Oh, ya best believe it I got da Beetus Oh, ya best believe it They stop and stare But I don't care Just flip my hair Got no insulin This could be sickenin What's that tinglin I got da Beetus Oh, ya best believe it I got da Beetus -👣

Floor hockey tourney

Thank you so much, for tonight. For some of you who don't know my family and some others held a floor hockey tournament tonight to raise money for the tour de cure. We raised (drumroll please).................. 730 dollars!!!!!! Thank you everyone that played for your support! Everyone did a great job. Thanks again Shirey, Abe,mom,dad,pucker up team

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thank You sooooo much!!!

Woooooohoooooo 133 page views past my goal! Thank you guys so much. Please comment more to tell me what you think, and tell me your stories, and your thoughts on what I should write about. Thank you sooooo much!

Nurses are Nags..... Sometimes

I don't know somedays my school nurse just ticks me off. Somedays she is nicest person ever. I love bonding with the nurse when my blood sugar is high or low but lately I have been avoiding going to the nurse. I dont know if it's because I'm getting older or what? I think it's the way she looks over my shoulder when I'm doing stuff, or how sometimes the sub nurse calls to my classes so I will come check when I don't even have to! My friends definitely get annoyed by this sometimes we will just be sitting at lunch and she will come storming in behind me shouting Olivia did you do, or else it seems like she's shouting. Comment below to tell my stories about your nurses.