Wednesday, December 12, 2012


"All it takes is twenty seconds of insane courage and something good will come of it, I promise"
This is one of my favorite quotes from the movie We Bought A Zoo.

Acting courageously can be difficult sometimes , I have had trouble with confidence and being courageous as I have gotten older. Whenever we're younger its easier to act courageous, in example Scout, Jem and Dill all stand up for their father in the book To Kill a Mockingbird. This was probably really easy for them because lets face it, they don't have much of a reputation yet. Whenever you're older its harder because you have people that look up to you, you have people that may judge you, and you have a reputation. This is why it is so special for Atticus to defend a black man in the book. The whole town knows Atticus Finch, he's never done anything wrong, but now he is defending a black man, which then was politically incorrect. After losing his case, Atticus felt as if he let his kids down. Atticus had people judging him throughout the whole book, but he didn't care, that's what I think was so courageous about it, he didn't care what other people thought. I don't know about you but I have a hard time not letting people criticize me. I care too much about what people think, that is why I am not as confidant as I should be. Some things I have been doing to fix this is wearing what I want, I have learned not to care what people think of my clothes. I have also been cheer leading for my high school. People don't expect Olivia to be a cheerleader. People are probably judging me for that, in fact I know people are judging me for it. You see in our school, to make it to the top, you usually play a sport, and technically cheer leading isn't a sport. I don't really care if I'm at the top anymore. I enjoy what I do, and I am going to stick with it.

What are some things you do to be courageous, to help yourself or to help others?

Bucket List

-go up to a girl with cancer tell her she is a rockstar, get her autograph, and a picture with her, tell her to stay strong
-break a bone (okay I know thats weird but I just want to know what it feels like!)
-go to a Luke Bryan, Eric Church, and Jason Aldean concert
-witness a fight at lunch
-get into a fight (again its weird but I just wanna know if it feels good to punch someone, and get your anger out at them)
-Go to Haiti and help everyone there
-get in a food fight
-stand up to a teacher and walk out of their classroom
-maintain an A+ in Biology or Math for one quarter or more
-grow my hair to my ribcage
-(the last one is a secret, but you might find out later)
-sing in front of people

This is weird to start a bucket list now, but I want to look back on my life when Im older and remember all of these things. Whats something on your bucket list?