Thursday, September 27, 2012

Crying over...40phor

I read my dads blog tonight, all of it, it made me cry, particularly in one of the posts. CRYING OVER MEATLOAF. It talked about how we as people need to remember the little things in life. It told the story of a nine eleven victims family making a speech about missing her smile, her laughter, and her meatloaf. This was the point where my dad started crying over the CNN broadcast. This was posted on his blog last year, and I'm sure every time I feel like I just need to cry I will go to that post and read it. Do you ever feel like you just need to cry? The other thing that made me cry was that he put what he would miss about us. Hattie- her mispronunciation, and misspelling of words, like tread meal. Mom- honking about the dents in the garage door and every time he would park not being ale to laugh with someone about his terrible parking job. Me-- my passing gas, laughing hysterically, and connecting my thoughts. Dad I would miss you helping me with my math homework even though sometimes I don't need help, every time I would see Erin I would think of the time mom cut a big chunk out of the back of your hair, and most of all every time someone made me chicken or put fruit loops in front of me I would miss surprise chicken, or making pepperoni rolls when I see mr. D. or the time you laughed hysterically at funniest home videos when we were little or ridiculousness when we got older. I would definatley miss how understanding you are ,  even though sometimes its hard to see.
The point is everyone you will miss the little things, but they will sometimes make us laugh and talking about them will make it better. I know his because two years ago someone I look up to very much died. He was my fifth grade teacher and every time I think of him I'm either laying hysterically or crying hysterically. Some things I remember about him were that: one time he acted like a bear on his knees and scared the day lights out of one of my friends, the second when he would make fun of me in a joking manner, but the one day I was tired of it, he noticed and he called me over and told me he would stop and he didn't mean to hurt me, the third when we were watching elf the day before Christmas break and he laughed hysterically,  no joke you could hear him laughing at the end of the hall, how he gave us all nicknames all 80 fifth graders nicknames. But last but certainly not least the time a bunch of students said they hate death and he said " it's hard to believe you guys come into someone's classroom and say you hate the subject they are teaching." I will never forget that, that is what made math my favorite subject and I will never forget owe little things about him, never.
So go head and cry I've meatloaf, or surprise chicken in my case, or my favorite subject. No one is going to judge you they will thank you for reminding them of the little things they miss.
Olivia Kuhns