Monday, February 4, 2013

This nothing town

I live in a small town. I know everyone says that but.. I mean it. We have one stoplight! There are many perks of living here. But.. there are plenty of bad things!
1.) Everyone knows everyone- everyone has their opinion about you, they either love you or hate you!
2.) Values- everyone has different values, but when you live in a small town, a lot of people have the same values, or religion, or morals. My family is from a different area, so we fit in with a select group of people, that didn't grow up around here
3.) No bonfires- seriously!?
4.) Quite- maybe too quite.......
5.) Everyone knows where you were when- if you were out walking around town at midnight, everyone knows! If you do something wrong, everyone knows! I'm not sure how but, that's just how it is.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, listen to the song this nothin town by jason aldean... pretty much describes my town

Career Days

Do you know how hard it is to find a reliable, teacher approved source on Endocrinology?! I have looked in books, the Occupational Outlook handbook, and pa career zone! There is absolutely nothing on Endocrinology! Does anyone know any reliable, teacher approved sources? Please Help!!!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


"All it takes is twenty seconds of insane courage and something good will come of it, I promise"
This is one of my favorite quotes from the movie We Bought A Zoo.

Acting courageously can be difficult sometimes , I have had trouble with confidence and being courageous as I have gotten older. Whenever we're younger its easier to act courageous, in example Scout, Jem and Dill all stand up for their father in the book To Kill a Mockingbird. This was probably really easy for them because lets face it, they don't have much of a reputation yet. Whenever you're older its harder because you have people that look up to you, you have people that may judge you, and you have a reputation. This is why it is so special for Atticus to defend a black man in the book. The whole town knows Atticus Finch, he's never done anything wrong, but now he is defending a black man, which then was politically incorrect. After losing his case, Atticus felt as if he let his kids down. Atticus had people judging him throughout the whole book, but he didn't care, that's what I think was so courageous about it, he didn't care what other people thought. I don't know about you but I have a hard time not letting people criticize me. I care too much about what people think, that is why I am not as confidant as I should be. Some things I have been doing to fix this is wearing what I want, I have learned not to care what people think of my clothes. I have also been cheer leading for my high school. People don't expect Olivia to be a cheerleader. People are probably judging me for that, in fact I know people are judging me for it. You see in our school, to make it to the top, you usually play a sport, and technically cheer leading isn't a sport. I don't really care if I'm at the top anymore. I enjoy what I do, and I am going to stick with it.

What are some things you do to be courageous, to help yourself or to help others?

Bucket List

-go up to a girl with cancer tell her she is a rockstar, get her autograph, and a picture with her, tell her to stay strong
-break a bone (okay I know thats weird but I just want to know what it feels like!)
-go to a Luke Bryan, Eric Church, and Jason Aldean concert
-witness a fight at lunch
-get into a fight (again its weird but I just wanna know if it feels good to punch someone, and get your anger out at them)
-Go to Haiti and help everyone there
-get in a food fight
-stand up to a teacher and walk out of their classroom
-maintain an A+ in Biology or Math for one quarter or more
-grow my hair to my ribcage
-(the last one is a secret, but you might find out later)
-sing in front of people

This is weird to start a bucket list now, but I want to look back on my life when Im older and remember all of these things. Whats something on your bucket list?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Field Hockey Gone Wrong

As most of you know I play field hockey, but most of you don't know is I play goalie. Yesterday the JV team and I went a play day in Carlisle. I was having an awesome game, during the first half, with some awesome half high saves and one lunge, some goalie terms for really awesome saves. We went out into the second half with the score one, one and I was feeling good about what was to come. One of the girls from the other team had gotten a breakaway and a girl from our team was following. The both plowed me over after I called the ball but no one could hear. My helmet and hand protectors both came off and as I sat up everybody was telling me my lip was bleeding, but I was ignoring them because the ref had just called the goal in and I was not too happy. Nothing really hurt until I got up and my tailbone was definatley broken. Our back up goalie got dressed and they went on with the game. We lost the game 2-1 because the ref counted the goal that couldn't have been defended. 20 minutes later they started to play our second game without me. When the game was almost over I left and felt fine but as soon as I took off my shoulder pads that I had left on from the last game I felt like crap. My head hurt, I felt like I was going to pukee, my hands felt numb, and my words didn't make any sense. My mom drove me to the Emergencey Room and they put a neck brace on me put me in a wheelchair and took me to my room. I felt hopeless. When I was in my bed they checked my blood sugar and it was 500. It couldn't be I didn't eat anything all day, I put in my lunch! Then we checked my site it was put. They checked my eyes and my head and I layer there for a while before being taken to my first catscan. I then got put on an IV drip when I got back to my room and I fell asleep. I don't remember them saying anything about my "diagnosis" but when I woke up my mom said I couldn't play hockey for two weeks (the rest of the season) The nurses waited for my blood sugar to go down before they let me go home and the whole time I just wanted a drink of water! They have no idea what it's like to have ketones and have just thrown up and not get one sip of water! It was awful!

We did some research today and traumatic hits to the head can raise your blood sugar, it wasn't my fault, as it has been before, that my blood was high!
Well I guess I just thought I would let you in on my trip to the ER
P.s. I finally got that drink of water when I got home at midnight! Hahahah

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Crying over...40phor

I read my dads blog tonight, all of it, it made me cry, particularly in one of the posts. CRYING OVER MEATLOAF. It talked about how we as people need to remember the little things in life. It told the story of a nine eleven victims family making a speech about missing her smile, her laughter, and her meatloaf. This was the point where my dad started crying over the CNN broadcast. This was posted on his blog last year, and I'm sure every time I feel like I just need to cry I will go to that post and read it. Do you ever feel like you just need to cry? The other thing that made me cry was that he put what he would miss about us. Hattie- her mispronunciation, and misspelling of words, like tread meal. Mom- honking about the dents in the garage door and every time he would park not being ale to laugh with someone about his terrible parking job. Me-- my passing gas, laughing hysterically, and connecting my thoughts. Dad I would miss you helping me with my math homework even though sometimes I don't need help, every time I would see Erin I would think of the time mom cut a big chunk out of the back of your hair, and most of all every time someone made me chicken or put fruit loops in front of me I would miss surprise chicken, or making pepperoni rolls when I see mr. D. or the time you laughed hysterically at funniest home videos when we were little or ridiculousness when we got older. I would definatley miss how understanding you are ,  even though sometimes its hard to see.
The point is everyone you will miss the little things, but they will sometimes make us laugh and talking about them will make it better. I know his because two years ago someone I look up to very much died. He was my fifth grade teacher and every time I think of him I'm either laying hysterically or crying hysterically. Some things I remember about him were that: one time he acted like a bear on his knees and scared the day lights out of one of my friends, the second when he would make fun of me in a joking manner, but the one day I was tired of it, he noticed and he called me over and told me he would stop and he didn't mean to hurt me, the third when we were watching elf the day before Christmas break and he laughed hysterically,  no joke you could hear him laughing at the end of the hall, how he gave us all nicknames all 80 fifth graders nicknames. But last but certainly not least the time a bunch of students said they hate death and he said " it's hard to believe you guys come into someone's classroom and say you hate the subject they are teaching." I will never forget that, that is what made math my favorite subject and I will never forget owe little things about him, never.
So go head and cry I've meatloaf, or surprise chicken in my case, or my favorite subject. No one is going to judge you they will thank you for reminding them of the little things they miss.
Olivia Kuhns

Monday, June 4, 2012

Excersize Day 1

Walking uphill
Chasing the Ice Cream truck hahaha
Jumping on the Trampoline
Just Dance
motivation is up but wait for two weeks then well see. Please tell me that your here. Im thinking of starting another blog just about me and life not about diabetes.