Sunday, June 3, 2012

Diabetes Diets

I have been looking to losing and controling my weight. I am not over weight,  but I am out of shape, and I were the same size jeans as my mom. I want a summer work out plan and eating plan that is safe for diabetics, which trust me is very hard to find. All the diets I find are either for type 2's or too hard for me to follow as a fourteen year old. I like the food my parents make and I usually have to eat it. I dont want to be rude and say Im not going to eat it but sometimes I wish we had different choices, other than a pb&j. As for the excersize plans, I have some ideas of what I need to do in example; running for a half an hour, 60 minutes a day of excersize etc. What I really need is motivation. Please if you have any ideas on diets for type 1's share them with me because I really want to get in shape. Also please help motivate me, because trust me I need it.
Day 1
weight: 140
excersize: none :(
unhealthy food: ice cream, baked beans, cookie, roast beef sandwich from arbys, curly friess from arbys, french toast sticks w/ light syrup as you can see I really need that diet............................

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