Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Sweets and Diabetic Dreams

Hear the Christmas toons coming down the road while your working on your fabulous tan? See the flahing lights on the cart of the cotton candy stand at the Carnival? How about the guy yelling "popcorn only a dollar, get your popcorn" at the baseball game you caught this summer? Face it we all dream about things we cant have such as boys, expensive vacations, or even food. But truth is we can have the food as long as we put it in our little dohickers on our waistband. Wow that sounded Perry County of me!(Perry County is where I live, its like hick central) Anyways, a lot of people look at me weird when I eat cotton candy or a cookie or ice cream because they think that Im not allowed to have it. FALSE! As long as I put it in my pump I will be good, yes I am sure! Over the summer there are a lot of temptations around. Popcorn at the pool, Cotton Candy at the carnival, Ice Cream from the ice cream truck, and snacking all day because we are out of school and dont know what to do with ourselves. You can eat these things but be careful that you put it in and maybe choose one for a day, instead of eating them all then feeling like crap. Be smart this summer and dont give in to all your temptations, just some of them and please in the name of Diabetes bolus for what you eat!!

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